Admissions FAQ

1. What is the process for getting into Adult & Teen Challenge of the Midlands?

The place to start is to gather information about the program. You can receive information on this website or by calling to have it sent to you. If you still have questions, feel free to call Admissions for additional information. You'll be required to complete an application, get a physical exam, and make sure you meet all other requirements.

2. How long is the application process?

The application process is driven largely by your circumstances and ability to gather needed items. For those facing legal issues (incarceration, court appointments, etc.), the process is contingent on a release for you to participate in the entirety of the program (minimum of 12 months). For others, the timing is contingent on you obtaining a full physical exam, collecting the application and induction fees, and fulfillment of other entry requirements.

3. How much does Adult & Teen Challenge cost?

There is a one time non-refundable application fee of $20.00 that must be paid in full before your application will be processed. There is a one time non-refundable entry fee of $750.00, which must be paid on the day of entry into the program.

4. Do you have licensed counselors?

Adult & Teen Challenge staff are not licensed counselors or therapists. Many are Adult & Teen Challenge graduates or people from a variety of backgrounds who have struggled with various addictions, and have found Life in Jesus Christ. Out of their struggles and victories, they offer Hope. Others have never struggled with addictions themselves but have a heart to help hurting people.

5. Do you have a detox program?

We do not have a residential detox program at this time. We can refer you to detox centers in the midlands, and require you to be detoxed prior to entering the program.

6. How long is your program?

Adult & Teen Challenge of the Midlands is 12 months in length. In the men’s program, the first seven months are spent in our Training Center in Colfax, IA, followed by the five-month Re-entry phase in Omaha, NE. The women spend the entire twelve months in Beatrice, NE.

7. Why is the program so long?

It's been said that "repetition is the mother of mastery and skill". Overcoming life-controlling sins isn't an overnight job; it requires repeated exposure to spiritual truths and surroundings. In fact, 12 months is just a start - God continues to work on us all our lives!

8. Why are you called Adult & Teen Challenge?

Teen Challenge began its ministry to hurting street teens in New York City over 40 years ago, and in the Midlands, we've been ministering to hurting people since the mid-70's. While the demographics of who we minister to has changed over the years, the name has stuck. The name "Teen Challenge" has become synonymous with Christ-centered help and we added the "adult" reference to better describe who we help.

9. How many students do you have?

Our men’s program has a capacity of about 50 students.

The women’s program can house up to 12 women.

10. How is Adult & Teen Challenge funded?

Adult & Teen Challenge of the Midlands is a non-profit ministry funded through financial contributions and other donations. We also conduct work-study programs, which help raise operating dollars. Adult & Teen Challenge receives no government funding of any kind.

11. Do you accept students on medications?

We do accept students with prescription medications. Please see the medication policies in our Men's Guidelines or Women's Guidelines.

12. Do you accept students with mental illnesses?

Students with diagnosed mental illnesses are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Adult & Teen Challenge is not intended to be everything to everyone. The reality is that there are some situations we're not equipped for, and in those cases, we endeavor to refer people to Christ-centered help.

13. Do you accept people with disabilities?

We are open to making reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities to help them complete the required classroom and physical work. Discuss these limitations with the Intake Coordinator.

14. What's the daily routine?

The daily schedule is detailed on the last page of the Men's Guidelines or Women's Guidelines. At various times during the year, this schedule is altered slightly to accommodate special events.

15. Do students get paid for the work they do?

Students in the Adult & Teen Challenge program receive housing, meals, and ministry free of charge. Work is part of the program structure, and allows us to continue offering ministry to those who couldn't pay. Once students reach the Re-entry phase they'll secure full-time employment as part of the program.

16. Are students allowed to work an outside job while enrolled in the program?

Students in the Induction and Training phases of the program are not allowed to work outside jobs. Once you've been promoted to the Re-entry phase, you'll secure a full-time job outside of Adult & Teen Challenge as part of the program.

17. What about my family while I'm in the program?

We recognize that married students and those with children face different situations than singles. Because of that, we've put together a Family Ministry to reach out to the student's spouses and families. We endeavor to provide advice and encouragement in the area of finances and child-rearing as well as offering referrals when necessary. Please contact our Family Ministry Coordinator for more information, or feel free to discuss your questions during

the intake process.

18. Are students allowed contact with people outside of Adult & Teen Challenge?

You may have contact with certain people outside of Adult & Teen Challenge. Refer to the Relationships & Communications section of the Men's Guidelines or Women's Guidelines.

19. Are students allowed to talk to girlfriends or boyfriends?

Students come to Adult & Teen Challenge with the understanding that there will be no contact with their fiancés, girlfriends, boyfriends or other friends. This is to help students focus completely on their relationship with God.

20. What denomination are you?

Adult & Teen Challenge of the Midlands is an interdenominational ministry. We partner with individuals, churches, and other ministries from various backgrounds to offer Hope in Christ. Teen Challenge was founded by David Wilkerson under the Assemblies of God. Today, we receive support from individuals and churches across denominational lines.

21. Where do students attend church?

Students enrolled in Adult & Teen Challenge attend church together. We also visit churches of various denominations to minister and offer encouragement. In the Re-entry phase, students attend the church of their choice.